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Astragalus Qi


Astragalus Membranaceus is a simple perennial plant from the pea family whose root is the most widely used herb of Chinese herbalism. The Astragalus plant is native from North and East China, and some areas of Mongolia.


Product Description

This product is also known as huang qi or milk vetch root, Astragalus root is generally used in TCM to increase energy and vitality, stimulate immune system function and speed the healing process. According to Chinese herbalists, Astragalus also strengthens the body’s Protective Qi which is a superficial defensive energy shield as well as the Upright Qi, which supports an upright musculature and prevents organ prolapse.


Astragalus’ main properties come from its high concentration in triterpene glycosides and polysaccharides. The compounds cycloastragenols and astragalosides discovered recently in the root of Astragalus have attracted a great deal of attention from anti-aging researchers.

In traditional Chinese herbalism, Astragalus is classified as a Qi and Blood tonic and is known to enter the Spleen and Lungs meridian, tonifying the Spleen and Lungs organ systems.

Astragalus is considered a slightly warming herb and has a sweet taste.

Astragalus is classified as a tonic herb (superior herb). As such, Astragalus is said to be mild but effective and powerful. Astragalus is meant to be taken consistently (daily) and over the long term. The benefits of taking Astragalus, like all tonic herbs, are cumulative.

Astragalus Qi

Tonic Wisdom Astragalus Qi is a 12:1 full spectrum, pure water extract from the wildcrafted root of Astragalus Membranaceus.

No filler, binder, additives or contaminants. Only clean, pure power!

Dosage: 1 to 2 tsp twice a day – build up slowly to desired dose

Suggested use: Dissolve in hot water or nut milk for an instant tea or creamy latte.

Astragalus Qi is a natural product, color/texture may vary from batch to batch.

Astragalus Qi is a vegan product.

Tonic Wisdom formulas that contain Astragalus

Vital Jing

Longevity Pet


Astragalus membranaceus root is considered a very safe tonic herb to use for extended periods of time with no toxic side effects. It is recommended however to consult your TCM practitioner before taking any Chinese herb. Positively consult your physician if you have a serious medical condition or are taking prescription medications before taking any Chinese herb.*

*All the statements above have not been evaluated by the FDA and are offered as education only. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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