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Our Quality

We are proud to offer our customers exceptional herbal products of the best possible quality.
All our ingredients are consciously produced with great care for the Earth in mind. Sustainable production practices are systematically observed from cultivation and harvesting to the manufacturing of our herbal products.
Our raw materials are ethically wildcrafted in pristine environments or cultivated according to USDA organic standards.
Wild plants are chosen over cultivated ones as much as possible for their superior potency and high Ormus content. No industrial solvents or harmful chemicals are ever used to produce our extracts.
Clean and pure filtered water is the only solvent used, resulting in whole, full-spectrum botanical concentrates that maintain the integrity of the original plant, keeping its delicate nutritional balance and its herbal intelligence.

The Tonic Wisdom Difference :

. Pure and clean natural ingredients
. 100% ethically wildcrafted and certified organic Full spectrum extracts
. Processed only with pure water
. No fillers, binders, additives or preservatives
. Active, pure and authentic products .